Google for Jobs Course

It's been 3 years since Google introduced Google for Jobs and it's surprising how many recruiters and HR pros don't understand how it works. Here's the short version: in mid-2017, Google changed the way your company's job posts are displayed in Google. In fact, it's not just HOW they are displaced but if they are displayed at all. If you use Indeed exclusively or even occasionally to post your jobs, then you are going to want to enroll in my Google for Jobs Online Course. WHY? Because Indeed won't share its data with Google. 

That's posted on Indeed don't show up in Google. Why is that a problem? Because 3 out of 4 modern job seekers start their job search on Google! 

 Now I'm not suggesting that Google for Jobs is better or worse than Indeed (or any other job board or aggregator) but that by using Indeed and NOT paying attention to Google for Jobs, you are ignoring how the modern candidate searches for a job. 

This Google for Jobs Online Course has taken me months of research including dissecting dozens of articles and speaking with both SEO and recruiting experts. Because marketing and Search Engine Optimization basics are not every day strategies and tools use by HR and recruiters, I did my best to un-complicate the super-geeky-techie language and write in terms you can understand. My goal was to provide an introduction to Google for Jobs and an easy-to-implement strategy to gain more visibility and higher rankings. 

As an SMB (small or medium business) you may not be able to out spend your competition...but you can outsmart them. This course will show you how.

7 Lessons

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GFJ: Intro to Google for Jobs

Introduction to Google for Jobs

GFJ #1: Google for Jobs vs Indeed

Learn how Google and Indeed differ

GFJ #2: How to "Post" Your Jobs to Google

How to "Post" Jobs to Google

GFJ #3: Pay to Play

How sponsored (paid) listings compare to organic (free) search

GFJ #4: Make Google Search Work for You

Why getting your jobs listed is only 1/2 the battle.

GFJ #5: Direct Integration to Google for Jobs

Steps you need to take for direct integration into Google for Jobs.

GFJ #6: Pros and Cons of Direct Integration

Pros and cons of direct integration with Google for Jobs