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Recruitment = Marketing! It's that simple. Unfortunately, marketing isn't a skill that many recruiters, HR pros, and others responsible for recruitment have adopted or honed.  The result: Your Candidate Experience is All FCDD-UP! But as we cross over into 2021 and enter a post-pandemic era, attracting and engaging top talent will require recruitment marketing skills more than ever.  

That's why I created this online course: Your Candidate Experience is All FCDD-Up!

If you are responsible for recruiting or recruiter is on your career bucket list, then this is the course for you.  I can guarantee you that you will hear and learn things that you won't get anywhere else. I can say that with confidence because after speaking at 100 conferences and interviews over the last 24 months and attending hundreds of webinars myself, no one else breaks it down like I do.  

The timing couldn't be better.  Because despite billions of dollars pouring into HR technology and UX/CX improvement each year, candidate resentment INCREASED 40% since 2016.  Why? Because the Candidate Experience is All FCDD Up.

In this course, I share with you interviews with experts from HR and Digital Marketing, how-to lessons that you can apply immediately, excerpts from my presentations, recruitment and candidate-experience related articles, blogs, and live streams ...with new content being added regularly.  You won't find a more practical, innovative, affordable approach to improving your candidate experience anywhere. 

For anyone that has heard me speak, followed me on social media, read my blogs, or shared a conversation, you know that converting my book into a classroom and learning laboratory has been my goal for nearly 4 years. With the doors finally open and the students enrolled,  I look forward to meeting you inside.

Oh, and by the way, your fee includes all updates I'll be making throughout the year.  These will include mini-lessons (under 10 minutes), webinar recordings, and interviews.

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30 Lessons

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Welcome: The Modern Candidate's Job Journey to Creating An Awesome Candidate Experience

Intro to Understanding the Modern Candidate

Getting Started

The Xs of Candidate Experience | Debbie Levitt

A brief intro into UX, CX, DX and how it relates to Candidate Experience.

The Modern Candidate's Job Journey

7 Decisions Job Seekers Make

Understand the Modern Candidate's Decision Making Process

Intro to Four Horsemen of Bad Candidate Experience (tm)

Introduction to Four Horsemen of Bad Candidate Experience

Critical Candidate Experience Touchpoints

Identify Critical Candidate Experience Touchpoints

7 Critical Recruitment Metrics

Candidate Experience Expert Interviews

Overview: Candidate Experience Has Gone Digital | Laura Stringer

Introduction to the importance of digital marketing experience and its role in recruitment marketing.

Digital Experience: If The Job Could Talk | Laura Stringer

The digital experience and recruitment marketing

Crucial Touchpoints: It Takes More Than Digital | Laura Stringer

Explore the entirety of the candidate experience.

The Recruitment Marketing Funnel

What is a recruitment marketing funnel and why it's important.

7 Decision Points Job Seekers Must Cross

Identify decision points job seekers make and how to help them keep moving forward.

The Four Horsemen of Bad Candidate Experience

The 4 P's Antidote to Bad Candidate Experience

Identify 4 Approaches for Fixing Bad CX

Candidate Experience and The Job Applicant

Optimize the Job Application for Candidate Experience

Google for Jobs

GFJ: Intro to Google for Jobs

Introduction to Google for Jobs

GFJ #1: Google for Jobs vs Indeed

Learn how Google and Indeed differ

GFJ #2: How to "Post" Your Jobs to Google

How to "Post" Jobs to Google

GFJ #3: Pay to Play

How sponsored (paid) listings compare to organic (free) search

GFJ #4: Make Google Search Work for You

Why getting your jobs listed is only 1/2 the battle.

GFJ #5: Direct Integration to Google for Jobs

Steps you need to take for direct integration into Google for Jobs.

GFJ #6: Pros and Cons of Direct Integration

Pros and cons of direct integration with Google for Jobs

Recruitment Marketing 101

Recruitment Marketing: Search Engine Optimization Terminology

What is search engine optimization?

Recruitment Marketing: How Search Engines Work and Intro to SEO

How do search engines (and job boards) work?

Recruitment Marketing: Job Title Keyword Research - 5 Critical Factors

Recruitment Marketing: Job Title Keyword Research Using Ubersuggest

Recruitment Marketing: Job Title & Listing - Tell a Story

Job listings should tell a story.

Employment Brand

Your Employment Branding is All FCDD-up!

Introduction to Employment Branding

Webinars and Interviews

Your Candidate Experience is All FCDD Up

Overview and/or recap of many of the lessons covered throughout the course

The Business Impact of Candidate Resentment | Kevin Grossman & Gerry Crispin

What is Candidate Resentment and why you must reduce it.

Candidate Resentment: It's Now What HR Expected

Recognize importance and causes of candidate resentment and how to avoid it.