Step into your power with the 30-Day Mindset Challenge

 This is Where Change Becomes Your Superpower!

"Flexibility follows. Adaptability leads."

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Why settle for the status quo when you can embrace change and make it your superpower? The 30-Day Mindset Challenge isn’t just another course—it’s your personal launchpad to mastering adaptability and thriving in a world that never stops evolving. This is your invitation to a life where flexibility is your foundation, and adaptability is your strategy for success.

🌟 Microlearning Magic: Quick Wins for a Fast-Paced World

Say goodbye to the drag of traditional workshops. Our world moves too fast for that. We’re all about microlearning—quick, impactful lessons designed for your busy life. Each day delivers a burst of innovation, transforming complex concepts into bite-sized, actionable insights. This challenge is for the bold, the curious, and anyone ready to lead change, not just survive it.

🔥 Every Day, A New Discovery

With each day of the challenge, you step closer to becoming a champion of change. Dive into the latest insights and practical strategies. Unleash new perspectives, shatter limits, and cultivate a mindset that sees change as your greatest ally.

👥 Join the Movement: Together, We Redefine Possible

This isn’t just about learning—it’s about transforming. It’s about reimagining your approach to change and unlocking your untapped potential. Together, we’ll embark on a 30-day journey to reshape our realities. Are you ready? Your transformation begins now.

🔒 The Challenge: Growth Demands Action

True growth demands more than just passing through. It requires action, effort, and commitment. This course offers you the tools and roadmap for starting your journey toward a growth mindset, but the real work? That’s on you. What you achieve will be a direct result of the energy you invest.

Expect Transformational Experience:

  • World-Class Content: Access videos, podcasts, and articles from leading minds in the mindset arena.
  • The Yeti Challenge: Beyond learning, you’ll face challenges designed to push you into action, including the exhilarating week-long Yeti Challenge. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure!
  • Dive Deeper: Craving more? We’ve got extras for those hungry to go beyond the surface.
  • Habit Builder: Establish a system for continuous growth, ensuring that your adaptable mindset flourishes well beyond these 30 days.

🌡️ Before You Begin: Check Your Mindset Temperature

Are you prepared to challenge the status quo and unlock extraordinary possibilities? The 30-Day Mindset Challenge is more than a course—it’s a catalyst for lasting change. Let’s ignite your journey to becoming unstoppable. Let's take your growth mindset "temperature."

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36 Lessons

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Day 1: Your Guided Journal

Day 2: What is Mindset?

Day 3: Why Growth Mindset is Essential

An introduction to AQ Growth Mindset

Day 4: Going Deeper, Insights from the "Mother of Growth Mindset"

Watch the leading expert on growth mindset introduce growth mindset.

Day 5: Growth Mindset: Why It Matters

Day 6: Three Misconceptions about Growth Mindsets

Day 7: Addicted to Certainty [Podcast]

Day 8: Week One Recap, A Helpful Chart

Day 9: Five Growth Mindset Myths

Day 10 - Guided Journal, Fixed Mindset

Day 11: Fifteen Ways to Build a Growth Mindset

Day 12: Your Guided Journal

The Yeti Challenge Overview

An introduction to the YETI Challenge

Day 13: The Yeti Challenge Details

Day 14: The Yeti Challenge #1 - Question 1

Day 15: The Yeti Challenge #1 - Question 2

Day 16: The Yeti Challenge #1 - Question 3

Day 17: The Yeti Challenge #1 - How did it go?

Yeti Challenge #1 - Congratulations!

Day 18: Challenge Catch-up

Day 19: The Yeti Challenge #2 - Learn from the Past

Day 20: The Yeti Challenge #2 - Question #2

Day 21: The Yeti Challenge #2 - Question 3

Yeti Challenge #2 - Congratulations!

Day 22: Challenge Catch-up Copy

Day 23: The Yeti Challenge #3 - Learn from Others

Day 24: Challenge Catch-up

Day 25: The Yeti Challenge #3 - How did it go?

Yeti Challenge #3 - Congratulations!

Day 20: The Yeti Challenge #3 - How did it go?

Day 25: Your Guided Journal

Day 26: Your Mindset's Impact On Others

Day 27: Your Guided Journal

Day 28: Additional Growth Mindset Resources

Day 29: Habit Selector

Day 30: AQplus Mindset Review